One New Thing

London, Moving

For some people, being in a new environment is invigorating; it’s the opportunity to explore, to find the new and different, to wander and get lost and stumble upon something AMAZING! NEW! SO UNIQUE! Typically, I’m of this camp; I love a new experience in an unfamiliar place. Unstructured city walking? Sure! Pop-up circus with amateur high-flying acts (no nets!)? Cool! Saturday afternoon ukelele lessons in a pub? Why not! But this all comes with One. Big. Caveat.

When I am with a friend.

When I’m with a friend (or two or three) I can do ANYTHING. Happy to trot along to whatever event – or non-event – is going on in the city. Being in a new city AND country, I love to explore the new surroundings, and this exploring makes me love my new home even more. As I become more familiar with my surroundings and comfortable in them, I feel more at ease, and more and more like I belong where I am.



Doing new things on my own?…

I'm sorry, what now?

I’m sorry, what now?

I feel like the MOST AWKWARD PERSON EVER. And it’s so broad reaching; going to the pharmacy, a new cafe, even shopping. It’s horrible, it’s stifling, and at its worst, borders on crippling.

While, theoretically, I have plenty to occupy my days – flat hunting, job searching, NI and NHS registering – there’s often lag time in the actual process of those activities, and I find myself doing my damndest to create a dent in the sofa in the exact shape of my ass. It’s working quite well so far. And it’s utterly unhealthy.

So, after pouring my time into Netflix and tearing through Him & Her, Roger & Val Have Just Got In, Pramface, and In The Thick of It, I’ve made a resolution to get up and get out. I will do one new thing per day. This city is filled with museums and shops and boutiques and cafes and all sorts of things to get out and see. There’s no reason I should continue impersonating a stoned hippo on extended holiday.

I can’t promise they will be big things, or exciting things, but starting small is still starting. Simple enough, right?